Monday, November 23, 2009

A really uplifting retreat.

What a great weekend. Although the rain was pounding for the entire weekend, I had a really wonderful and creative time. Laughed a lot, shared a lot, learned a lot, and ate A LOT. A perfect retreat. Thanks so much to my dear friend Diane!!!

A photo hint - if you want to stop the rain, go outside, and try to take photos of raindrops. The rain will stop - guaranteed!


  1. Beautiful photo Sue, I'm glad you had a good time!

  2. That is an absolutely fabulous photo, WOW!!! Impressive!!! Not Wow I can't believe you took it but WOW what a stunning photo. I love having you at the retreat, I love your smile, hugs and that sparkle in your eye. I wish we lived closer.

  3. Sue this phto is so pretty..well done...raindrops or not! :-) Thanks for the driving company...woould have hated driving through that storm on my own :-)

  4. Beautiful photo Sue! It was lots of fun having you at Timberline. I should have gotten my butt off my chair and gone out this time and taken some photos with you!


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