Thursday, November 19, 2009

One more sleep!

Yup, I am still alive!

The combination of working with Daisy every day and having fibromyalgia have slowed me down a lot this year. I hope to get back to regular posting eventually.

In the meantime, tomorrow evening I will be at my favorite weekend Scrapbooking Retreat at Timberline Ranch, which is hosted by my friend Diane. It's the best retreat that I have ever gone to - Diane makes sure we all have a blast. I think this is my 6th time going! And since the sleeping quarters are two floors up from where we scrap, I can have a snooze if I need one.


  1. Looking forward to it...see you tomorrow. And sleep is way over-rated :-)


  2. Have a wonderful time Sue!

  3. Yeah..I am almost ackad and ready to go pick you up. CAN'T WAIT!!!!

  4. love that pic you took - hope you had an uber awesome time :D


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