Friday, October 9, 2009

Back from hiatus

I have been busy, I am taking a life drawing course (human figure), and it has consumed a lot of the time I used to spend on the computer.

Drawing has become an obsession, and the class I am taking with Justin Ogilvie has completely rocked my world. I now see everything in the world in a different way, which was what I was hoping to "get" taking this course. We have live models to work with every week, and I am amazed and thrilled at my progress so far. The picture above was done in my second class.

I am getting better at using the right side of my brain, and what I have learned will carry through into my other crafts and hobbies. One thing I have gained is a new appreciation for people's faces, the lines and shadows that form who they are and reflect their inner essence.


  1. great drawing sue - so glad you are enjoying your class :D

  2. Wow that drawing is amazing, I'm so happy that you are enjoying it and getting lots from it. I would love to see your sketch book, maybe you could bring it to the next crop? Have a great day :o)

  3. WOW!! You are such a talented artist! I didn't know you could sketch like this! This is really something! Great job! Have fun at your classes!

  4. beautiful Sue ... it's such a pleasure to see you stretching your artistic wings and taking flight!

  5. This is gorgeous Sue!


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