Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday and Stamp Club

My mom really liked this picture, so I thought I would use it for today's post. Daisy had just licked my chin when this picture was shot - no, I am not kissing her on the nose.

Are you getting sick of puppy pictures yet? Sorry, I'm not!

I had a great day today - it was Stamp Club at Sue F's and I made some lovely cards with Sue F and Kathy.
Sue has a great eye for colour combinations and the cards we make are beautiful.
Thanks goodness Sue's really patient, I felt like I was all thumbs today! One of the cards I made today is posted on my photo blog.

Kathy's back was really bad - hope you are better soon Kathy!


  1. Daisy is just so adorable!!

  2. Your mom's right Sue. This is a GREAT photo of you and your new little puppy!


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