Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My oh My...

I haven't really had time to blog, I am spending as much time with Daisy as possible.

Today was a riot, Bentley, another pup from the litter came over with Dana, and the two pups tore around the kitchen for an hour.

I took lots of photos, and every shot, even the one taken on the "sports setting" was blurry! I'll have to try again - as they get to know each other, it will be easier to get that good shot.

Daisy and I were so exhausted after the visit, that we both had a 3 hour nap!

I am slowly developing a new routine, and work around the kitchen when Daisy has pooped herself out and is asleep on a towel in the kitchen. That way we can see each other, and she doesn't have to be crated.

I have extended an invitation to friends to come and help me socialize her, and am pleased that I received quite a response from friends who have children.

Ah yes, the Cat.

Merlin has no fear of Daisy, in fact he sits down and lets Daisy come up to him. Once he ran away, and Daisy followed him, just licking the poor kitty! As they grow up, I think they will be buddies, just like Merlin was with Annie.

A few friends have asked how I am coping with the fibromyalgia and the ongoing needs of the puppy. It's fortunate that she needs a of sleep - abut 20 hours a day, so I have a chance to rest when she does. She's pretty well housetrained, so sleeping through the night is in the very near future.

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