Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Daisy Chronicles

Golden Retriever Puppy = Heavenly

Dedicated Breeder = Priceless

I can't even begin to thank Wendy Lepper for the work that she has put into this litter of pups.

To be able to come home with a little baby Golden who is fine with being handled, who sleeps in a crate, who is fine with being groomed and who stands nicely for her grooming, who SITS behind me as I sprinkle a little water on her dinner, who is on a schedule, so that we know her potty needs are being met.

And to be able to phone Wendy with questions any time day or night - what more can I say...?

Oh my gosh Wendy, how do I even begin to thank you?

Daisy is a really easy puppy. She is responsive and playful, and just hilarious. Yesterday she was multitasking - one hind foot in her ear while the other hind foot was being licked. And what a Gumby dog - she rolls over and plays with toys while on her back. Who needs TV???

Daisy has already taught me so much. Most importantly, wear socks and keep feet out of sight when sitting on the floor and playing with her. Secondly, a little piece of kibble is the best bribe in the world. After doing what she needs to do outside, I call her to me, and always have a little treat handy. This way, she comes to me, and I can scoop her up and take her inside. It's been cold and foggy, and frosty at night.

Collar training is going well, although I will need a larger collar by next week. Tomorrow, I will start umbilical training, and yes, I will remember to spray the leash with Bitter Apple first.

Too many cute pictures, so I had to create a slide show.

Her registered name will be "Spriritlodge Let It Be". The perfect name, since Goldens have to have everything in their mouths.

Yup, I'm lovin' this!!!

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  1. Aww Auntie Sue. She is SOOO cute. Did you name her Daisy or was that what they were calling her?


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