Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I had a frustrating day -

I was so excited because I finally found some pantry cabinets that would look great in my craft room - they were on sale, too!

Then, I found out they are only available online, and the shipping would be $125.00.

With taxes and shipping, 4 of these cabinets would cost me $800.00

The regular price of the cabinets would also cost $800.00 with taxes, shipping would be extra.

So, in effect, with the sale I am getting free shipping.

I am not sure the cabinets are worth $200.00 each. Am I making any sense?

What would YOU do?


  1. I'd check out IKEA Sue. I bet you could find something very reasonable there and save on the shipping!

  2. I would check out IKEA on line, but sometimes they are just as expensive if not more .... a good cabinet is hard to find :)


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