Sunday, July 20, 2008

Slow Progress

So, I finally got some more bird seed. The garden was looking a little empty without all my feathered friends flitting around.

No sooner had I walked to the pole with the thistle feeder, I hadn't even hung it up - when I heard a little pip-pip sound. I looked up, and there, not 5 inches away from me was a little nuthatch. The little creature waited while I hung up the feeder, and I didn't even need to take a step back to watch it! It returned many times for the thistle while I was within inches of it. What a wonderful feeling to see a creature so close up!
I am still really limited, can't use the right hand so let me tell you, anyone watching me would have had a good laugh seeing me try and set up the camera and take the picture left handed...

Although everything is fairly overgrown, I am so happy with the garden, the way the trees are framing the view from the kitchen window, and the lovely shade.

As frustrating as it is not to be able to do any pruning or cleanup, it's rewarding to see that my dream for the finished garden is taking shape. Is a garden ever really finished???


  1. The photos of the garden are lovely!

  2. Sue ... want a gardner?? well amature gardner??? let me know if you need some help, i would love to come over and at least do some weed pulling for you. I work for tea ... and maybe a cookie, as long as the boss is nice it's all really just fun! And i am so glad to see a new blog post ... must have taken a while, posting with one hand... keep healing lady!
    ~ Jo

  3. Don't you just love it when our feathered friends come and visit? Glad to see you are recovering so nicely from your injury!


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