Monday, September 16, 2013

Art Journalling

I am trying something new, something out of my comfort zone.  I have found that this is a really great way for me to expand my horizons artistically.  As I post this, I also realize that I am hesitant to post my work... time to grow a pair!!!!
These title pages were done using Stampin' Up watercolour crayons.  I love those crayons....! I alternated between blue and green on the printing, otherwise everything would have been too busy and I wouldn't have been able to follow the instructions.


  1. You grew a pair!!! fab work Sue ...

  2. Wow, now that would make me want to write in my journal, with a pen, on paper, every day! BEAUTIFUL! I converted to computerized journals about ten years ago, and this really makes me regret that!


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