Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Art journal page 2

Instructions: Doodle until you fill an entire page.
Whoa Nelly!  I learned a lot doing this page.  Firstly, be prepared to spend HOURS doodling if you are using a fine point marker on a large page.  This is about 2 hours of fiddling. I couldn't bring myself to leave the page with doodling only, since my art journal is 140 lb watercolour paper.  I decided to use the opportunity to practice laying down colour using wet and dry techniques. Another thing I learned was that I need to buy another shade of red, something a bit more transparent to enable me to create brighter reds and oranges. 

A closeup of one small section, I definitely need a clearer red...


  1. love all of these bright and clear colours ... and the doodles are so happy! way to grow Sue!!!

  2. Way to go.... this page is gorgeous!


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