Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Watercolour, rain and water...

Drat and darn it all anyway! I came home from my Watercolour painting class to a puddle on the kitchen floor. "that's odd" I thought, I was sure I had let Daisy out before I left for my class!
I cleaned up the puddle, unpacked my gear and went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea to warm up from the cold rainy day outside. Well, the counter was all wet. So I looked up and you can see what I saw:(
So, up into the attic, bucket on hand, and I was able to push the bucket under the leak (whew!) and then a bucket on the counter to catch the water coming through the ceiling. Then a call to BCAA Insurance. I have my fingers crossed that we are covered for this, as the kitchen ceiling is damaged and the attic insulation is soaked... Water water everywhere, and the irony is that I had jus
t decided yesterday to have a new roof put on the house next year...!


  1. oh that does look painful.

  2. Don't let the rain come down,
    Oh don't let the rain come down
    My roofs got a hole in it
    and I might drown

    Grab a bucket Liza, lets see what we can do :)

    Just so yo know and hopefully never need, we do have that bed in a bag thing and you and G are both welcome. Bring your cookie making skills. We wish you the best Sue, lots of xoxoxoxox


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