Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year Week!

Oh, I am so behind on my blogging :( However, I am making great progress on my studio, as I tackle it bit by bit. Babysteps is too big a jump for me, I am tackling things in little tiny nibbles. Going through each and every box of items before they are put away. There are a lot of boxes. This will take a long time. And the motivation I use to keep me going is that I will not allow myself to create until all the boxes are sorted and the room is finished. Needless to say, there is a huge creative pressure cooker building... Here is my desk, purposely covered with stuff so that I keep on sorting:
And here's the progress so far! The desk where the computer was and the book case behind the door have been moved:
The storage wall unit has been moved where the desk was.
The storage unit partially sorted :
All things considered, I have made tremendous progress, and the Salvation Army will be getting some very nice craft items :)


  1. Changes are definately happening and the room is looking good. Keep it up, nibble, nibble, nibble.

  2. Looking great! can't wait to see the finished results IRL. No pressure... just keep nibbling away and then let your creative spirit soar!!

  3. Way to go Sue! It's looking great. Keep it up so we can see what all that creative energy makes!

  4. Keep nibbling ... it works well for you ... and i look forward to creating with you real soon!


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