Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Space and Light

Such a simple solution, and one that never occurred to me - thanks Allyson! I am now at the stage where all the boxes on the floor have been cleared, and I am ready to start tackling the computer desk, which is going to be removed from this room. I am surprised by how wonderful I feel in this space with just small changes, and I have learned that my mantra needs to be "PUT IT AWAY"


  1. looking good!!! I should have the same mantra, I'm not very good at putting it away "just in case I need it again!" thus my scrap gear tend to stay out.

  2. Yeah ... the putting it away part is hard for me ... i love everything within the grasp of my fingers .... your room is looking mighty peaceful and happy!

  3. Hi sweetie, you have not posted anything new in a while, I think that the clean desk is distracting. Happy season my friend!


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