Thursday, October 6, 2011

A new beginning

I was not born organized.

Anyone who knows me would not use my name and the word "organized" in the same sentence.

I have decided to change that. I have enlisted the help of my friend Allyson who has started a new business. Click here to visit her page and get information about her services.

Today is the first day of change.

Allyson will be phoning me in a few minutes, and I will have my first consultation.

Using my camera to record the process of changing my creative space, I share photos of my current room of shame.

Join me, as I learn to make this space the creative sanctuary that I have always intended it to be.


  1. i am following your changes ... i love all of the white!

  2. Hello my dear, just a quick thought, I thought that your space looked very good. Oh my ... I will go have a look at Allyson's page, xoxoxox

  3. I'll be following the progress as your "creative sanctuary" takes shape. BTW - it looks pretty darn fabulous right now!


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