Saturday, January 15, 2011

Keeping things in perspective.

I am having a hard time right now.

I am glad the days are getting longer. I just can't seem to get the smallest things done without mental confusion and fatigue setting in. Things that should come naturally, like not referring to a to do list, the same list, every morning, just don't come. This is the reality of fibromyalgia, getting up and not remembering to make the bed, or eat, not being able to organize simple things. Where to start? When to stop, how not to feel guilty for needing 15 hours of sleep in order to function.

Now, to put all that into perspective, I was able to spend time with my mom yesterday, and do some crafting and share creative ideas. She was so sick last year, that there was a real possibility that we would not have had yesterday.

Many of the plants in the garden have the promise of bloom on the tips. We are not facing flash floods, even if the back garden is looking like a swamp today. I am able to listen to people who need to bend an ear. I am able to walk my dog almost every day. I am able to create.

I AM able.

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