Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So Thankful

Firstly and most importantly, I am thankful that nobody was seriously injured.

Secondly, I am thankful that the Vancouver Christmas market had not yet opened, or there would have been a big crowd, and someone would have been hurt.

Please read my friend Jo's blog , she talked about the first responders - she has such a gift with words, and I couldn't say it as well as she did

Thirdly, I am thankful for Mink.

Tallsocks, thanks for making me aware of this wonderful Vancouver chocolaterie.

The story:

Two of my dear Friends and I were meeting to go to the first Vancouver Christmas Market - a traditional German Christmas village. Today was the grand opening of what would hopefully be an annual tradition. Fifteen minutes before opening, on the very first day, there was an explosion. A propane tank exploded, and thankfully someone smelled the propane and everyone was evacuated as it exploded. I am so sorry for the merchants, many of whom came from Germany with their traditional food, drink, and crafts. The latest news is that they may be able to re-open next week. The market is to be open until December 24th.

So... what are scrapping chicks to do?

It was -5, cold, cold, cold. What better than chocolate? So, off we walked to Mink, and had a lovely cup of coffee with a chocolate fondue. Can you say Yummy?


  1. oh yes baby it was cold ... and i am thankful for the trip to mink and the chocolate fondue ... no serious injuries ... it was a good day

  2. Hey Sue, a bit about coincidences here. Kitty corner to the market is the Library Square Tower, guess who's office is on the 19th floor corner overlooking the market. I heard the explosion, grabbed the little camera I always have with me and caught the whole thing on video. From early flames to to the white cloud after the firefighters water hit. I was hoping to take a quick run through the market at the end of the day :) If I had known you were so close, we could have roasted smokies and had hot chocolate :) Have a wonderful day, lots of warm hugs :)


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