Tuesday, November 2, 2010


When there is bad news, I focus on gratitude, and work on thinking of the positive aspect of things.

My Island Warrior - I am grateful that there are medications that will reduce her pain and give her quality of life.

A family member - I am grateful that her tumor has been found at a very early stage.

I am grateful for a wonderful group of friends that I will be spending the weekend with at my favorite retreat.

I am grateful for the support and love of friends and family.

I am Grateful.


  1. what a wonderful perspective ... have fun at timberline!

  2. You are a very special lady Sue. Looking forward to spending the weekend with you :-)

  3. Hey Sue, no, the news from the Island is not what was wanted or even expected, we can only be grateful for yesterday, today and tomorrow. Warm hugs with tea.


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