Monday, November 22, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!

Here's Gloria at the feeder, her feathers all puffed up to keep her warm. She spent the entire day at the feeder or on a branch beside the feeder.

we are expecting record cold tonight - a wind storm will drop temperatures to a wind chill factor of -19!

Another female hummingbird tried to feed at the feeder, and Gloria chased her away. I will try setting up a second feeder at another window, and see if I can help the second little hummingbird through the winter.

Keep warm everyone!


  1. Oh Sue, Now I am going to worry about little Gloria all is so very cold outside :-(

  2. awwwwe, what a cute little bird ... take good care of them Sue ... they need ya!

  3. Gloria is fine, she was at the feeder not two minutes after I put it up at 7am this morning.

  4. Ahhhhhh! So precious Sue. I'm so glad you're taking care of these darling little birds. 9 times?! Wow! She patiently waited for you because she knew you'd be back. You have such a kind heart! Hugs!

  5. Hey Sue my dear, what a wonderful picture, the hearty little bird braving the elements for sustenance and friendship, When little creatures occasionally take to me up at the cabin, I always seem to associate them with angels, people of the past coming back to have a look around and see whats new. I am sure your little likes what he or she saw, big hugs.


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