Monday, May 3, 2010

A Start for "A Shave for the Warriors"

I have decided to call my fundraiser "A Shave for the Warriors".

My husband George, was diagnosed with Head and Neck cancer five years ago, and is doing well. He went through very difficult treatments, and we expect that this summer will be his last checkup.

He met a woman a few months back who had a shaved head. He asked her if she was in treatment, and she responded that she had participated in a fundraiser for cancer research. He informed her that he was one of the people her fundraiser helped. I know how moved he was by what she had done for him and other Warriors and Survivors.

I will be shaving my head on July 30th, and will walk around bald-headed with great pride, in honour of George, and all the Warriors out there who are fighting cancer.

If you would like to support me, please visit my fundraising web site

The site is part of the BC Cancer Foundation, and your donation goes directly to the Foundation. They will issue you a tax receipt via email.

Oh, and I will post the head shave on YouTube!


  1. Sue, Kudos for getting this up so quickly! My dad has had skin cancer & one of my daughter's friends shaved her head for cancer a couple of years ago. Cancer seems to touch everyone in some way ...

  2. Again Sue, you never cease to amaze me! I will be promoting your fundraiser through my blog and will be emailing a message to all my family and friends. I have drawn on your strength and George's success in fighting this horrible disease and I am so very happy that his is going to be celebrating his 5 years this summer! Hugs and a very special thank you. Kathy


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