Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oh puppy!

My little puppy Daisy is 16 months old now, hard to believe, the time has gone so quickly.

My friend Rae Clevett, who is a very gifted photographer came over yesterday and took this photo of me and Daisy and posted it on her blog.

Take some time to look through the blog of this very creative friend of mine!


  1. Well I see Daisy...but where are you??? LOL
    How adorable is this little fur bundle?

  2. lol ... you are not there ... but i get what you mean, the photo on Rae's blog of the two of you is adorable! and hey, thanks for the wonderful comments you left on my blog ... they lefty me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside!

  3. ok, my head is not on straight. I have now included a link to the photo. Duh...

  4. Ahhhhh what an adorable photo of lil miss daisy! Very sweet!


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