Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

I wanted to start my new year with a photo of something that makes me truly happy.
This little fellow appears at the feeder in my kitchen window every day, although until a few days ago, I wasn't able to get a photo. George and I have had a standing joke for the last 25 years that I won't ever have hummingbirds in the garden.

Funny how the universe works, here it is wintertime, and our little community paper had an article about Anna's hummingbirds, which stay here all winter. The very next day after reading the article, there is was, at my feeder!

I try not to make New Years resolutions, that way I can't break them.

This year, I have decided to make a few, which I am determined to keep:

By year's end, I want to have lost and kept off 20 pounds.

I want to be more confident, and sell my creations to get a little of what I have invested in supplies back. I have always thought my creations weren't "good enough", even though people have always complimented me on my cards and beading.

I want to be more in control of my finances. Thanks to Flylady I am a little more in control of my home in spite of my limitations. I found a link on the site about getting more in control of finances, and I am determined to get control of my spending, so that I can save some money to do the fun things without getting in over my head.

Most importantly, I want to find a way to give back to my community in some way.

If I am able to accomplish these things, no, WHEN I accomplish these things, I will awaken each day with a lighter heart.


  1. what wonderful goals sue :D

    love that hummingbird, a good sign for sure :D

  2. I hope you achieve all your goals but remember that to whatever extent you accomplish them, that is an achievement too.

  3. Love the photo and the fact you were able to finally capture a hummingbird at your feeder. Love that you have made some intentions this year and I can't wait to celebrate with you WHEN you complete each and every one. WOOHOO! You can do it girlfriend!!! If you every need encouragement, a helping hand or anything just call. You do beautiful work, say it with me "I do beautiful work" ((Love & Hugs))

  4. Absolutely Georgous! It's warm here in mississippi compared to Canada, and we don't have hummingbirds, I am jealous!


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