Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Did you know I am a bookworm?

Oh, I am in HEAVEN, thanks to Santa G - I GOT A KINDLE!!!

I wanted one of these as soon as I heard about them, but Canadians couldn't get one until this year, as books could not be downloaded. That bit of politics has been sorted out, so this Christmas I got one.

Can I tell you how FABULOUS this little gadget is? First of all, I can download any of the Classics for FREE, as nobody has publishing rights, so I downloaded and am reading Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Beneath the Sea. This book took all of 90 seconds to download. If there is a word I don't understand, (and believe me, there are many), I move the cursor to the word and the explanation is automatically at the bottom of the screen. If I want more info, I just click a button and the dictionary page comes up! Then, hit the back button, and I am taken right back to the page I was reading. I can also turn off the wireless system ( to save battery life ) and read my book. The battery so far has lasted for 6 hours per charge! when I turn the Kindle back on, it goes to where I last read. I can wirelessly choose any book in the Kindle store, and download the first chapter FOR FREE. This is really helpful to me, keeps me from buying a book I have already read. I can also search on Wikipedia - very useful for more information on a specific subject. Were I in the US, I could use Google and the internet as well. I think the new Kindle DX probably makes that possible, but check it out, don't quote me. So now every book that I have in paper form that I have read and may want to read again - I check online to see if it's available for download, and if so, I donate it to charity. No need to collect bulky books any more! Many books are free, paperback downloads cost about the same as paperback books, hard covers are less than half price. You can also set up a wish list, to keep all those books you've been wanting to read organized, so when your Birthday rolls around...

I have purchased a skin to protect the buttons and the case - I'll post a picture when it's received.

I can't say enough about this fabulous new toy of mine, it's comfortable to hold, and the next page and previous page buttons are in exactly the right place. This would be a great gift for my mom, who can no longer hold hard cover books in her hands, due to arthritis. You aren't reading this, are you mom?

Thanks to my Circle Journal participants, I now have many recommended titles to look forward to.

The only downside to this new adventure, is that my ass is probably going to get a whole lot bigger.


  1. Woohoo Santa G, isnt' nice to get the BEST gift ever. So glad you are having fun with it. Don't forget to put it down once in awhile and create something with your hands. :o)

  2. that is an awesome gift - i loooove books :D

  3. I am so envious...but I also loved my pressie that my Santa brought so no complaints. This was on the list but got passed over for a new camera lens..LOL.

  4. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....


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