Monday, December 7, 2009

A roller coaster of a weekend.

I am behind on everything.

On Friday my DH had such a severe migraine, that our GP kindly saw him as the first patient of the morning. After an exam, new meds were prescribed, and I drove DH home and went and got his new prescriptions filled. I came back to find that I had earned a parking ticket. I miscalculated how far away from the curb I was. So, $50.00 down the drain. Oh well, at least it was only a ticket.

Saturday, DH's migraine is worse, tears are streaming out of his eyes, and he can't bear light or sound. We go to VGH emergency, in other words, sit for 2 hours waiting in a crowded room with other poor souls. The only seats available were directly under the TV, which, you guessed it, was turned way up loud. After two hours of waiting, we were seen to. By this point, DH wasn't even able to remember our phone number or speak. He was given IV pain meds, to help with the pain. He was so dehydrated, that the IV went through his vein, and there was a bulge in his hand above the IV. The meds went into the muscle tissue in his hand. So the quick delivery of pain relief wasn't quick, and the IV had to be redone further up his arm. Finally the meds kicked in, and he was able to sleep for 3 hours. It was such a relief to see him pain free. After 5 hours at VGH we went home, and he slept for the rest of the night.

Sunday, he rested and I had a wonderful time at Stamp club with my mom. We made some lovely cards, and had a great time with everyone. That evening I wanted to print something on my printer, which for some reason didn't work. I turned it off and walked away. I just couldn't deal with anything negative any more.

Today, I am happy to say that DH is back to his old self, joking and chattering. I can't begin to describe my sense of relief that he is ok.

After such a tough weekend, I went out and bought myself a new laptop. Sometimes a gal just needs to treat herself.


  1. Oh Sue! I'm SO sorry to hear about your poor DH's migraines but am relieved he is ok and was able to rest and is feeling better. It sounds like you both had such an awful weekend. I had no idea when I saw you on Sunday. Take care of yourself and hubby and congrats on the new laptop!

  2. that sounds rough but a new laptop ought to put a spring in your step :D

  3. Oh Sue, I had no idea you were going through so much with your hubby over the weekend. You never mentioned anything! (((Hugs)) Glad he is felling better now..what an ordeal!

  4. Sounds like a really rough time. So sorry that G. had such a terrible migraine but very glad to hear that he's better now.
    Enjoy the laptop!!

  5. OH Sue....what a rough time for your hubby. I'm glad he's feeling better now and stays that way. Good news about getting a new laptop.

  6. Poor G. I cant imagine how rough that must have been on him. I am relieved to hear that he is feeling better. hey, maybe with that new lap top we will see a few more blog posts :) luv ya, jo :)


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