Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bloomin' Easy Weight Loss !

I watch a lot of TV at night. Yup, a lot. About 3 hours, every night. And I eat crap while I watch. Just blindly stuff the food in - and to be honest, it's not even food, it's crap!

Keeping my hands busy by crocheting while the TV is on, keeps me from eating and I have been able to lose a few pounds in the process!


  1. OMGosh Sue! These are getting more and more gorgeous! Love the new designs you have come up with! And BONUS....they are getting you to drop a few pounds too! Not that you need to of course. You will have to definitely teach me how to make these now for sure! lol

  2. these are wonderful...and what a great way to keep your mind off junk!

  3. lovely work Sue! i cant wait to see them irl!


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