Monday, January 19, 2009

Our home is complete!

We have had dogs for 30 years. Waiting for Daisy to be born and then old enough to come home was a long, long wait.

We got her into a crate, and she screamed and barked and moaned all the way home.

To be fair, she was in a cat crate, how undignified is THAT?

She is a lovely, lovely little pup, playful, curious, and very sweet. Tonight is her first night without littermates, we'll see if we can play her out so she'll sleep until at least 4 am.

If tomorrow's post is a bit wonky, you'll know it didn't go so well.

Just kidding.


  1. oh she looks so freakin' adorable!!! dont ya just wanna kiss that cute little furry head! What did you finally register her name as?

  2. aw....she looks beautiful. i can't wait to meet her

  3. What a sweety! I can't wait to hold her! She is just too cute!


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