Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oh which oh which?

Oh my gosh - we got to see the puppies today for the first time!!!

Talk about cute, cuddly, and calm. We are getting a female - her name will be Daisy.

There were 4 females in the litter, and two have been matched to other families. The other two are both really lovely little girls, and we will be thrilled with either one. We hope to go back a few more times to visit - cross your fingers the weather cooperates!

I have no idea which pup I am holding in the picture - one of the two girls, that's all I know...

Now, the question is, how does anyone tell them apart when they are all sleeping?


  1. OMG! they are so cute!

  2. They are all just too cute! How will you ever choose just one?!

  3. OMG cute or what!!! i dont know how you would ever decide ... they all look so adorable ...


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