Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ho Ho Ho !

It's really cold out - record breaking cold.

After having a mental meltdown yesterday because more snow is due on Sunday, I came to my senses.

I took a bus to Oakridge, and bought the last of the presents. Some were ordered online from the Bay for pickup ten days ago and are not in yet, the expected snow storm will probably beat them. So, I went to the mall and bought some other gifts just in case. I can't say what they are, as I don't want to ruin Santa's surprise.

I also stopped at Safeway, and bought the turkey, and cranberries and veggies for the stuffing. Now it can snow, and I don't need to go out. Whew... what a relief.

Sue F was kind enough to drop off my candle order from Partylite yesterday, and the house smells awesome. I would buy Partylite candles again in a heartbeat.

Today was spent dusting and decluttering.
Decluttering in my home means " shove everything into the craft room in the basement". Ouch!

This will change once the Holiday season is over. I am itching to be creative, and that's not possible right now with all there is to do.

Tomorrow floors will be washed, bread baked ( for the homemade stuffing ) and tablewear will be retrieved and polished. This is the fun part, the decorating, table setting, and anticipation of a great time with family.

I am so excited about this, I forgot all about the puppy LOL!
I met a woman this afternoon with a little Golden Retriever puppy that was about 3 months old. I forgot how soft puppy fur is!


  1. I'm exhausted already! you've been busy, take it steady my friend so you can enjoy the festivities too!

  2. sounds like you are using Izzy's jetpack ... and it also sounds like you are having a whole lot of fun getting ready!

  3. You are one busy lady! After all the rushing around it will be nice to sit back and enjoy your family and friends.


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